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Somewhere on a black sand beach, surrounded by rolling mountains and great surf breaks....

"I've been travelling the world, and I've never seen a place quite like this" is something we hear often at Hotel Playa Cambutal. Even after years of calling this remote paradise our home, we are not quite sure exactly which element makes Cambutal so special. 


The town of Cambutal is located at the southernmost point of Panama and the Azuero Peninsula in the province of Los Santos. The drive from Panama city takes approximately five to six hours.

Discover Cambutal, an off the beaten path destination where traditions and adventures abound...

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You've booked your room at Hotel Playa Cambutal and your bags are ready. Only question now: "How do I get here?". No fear, for our comprehensive guide to navigating your way to our little paradise is here.

BY CAR From Panama City, take the Interamerican Highway until you reach Divisa (approximately 3.5 hour drive). Proceed to take a right turn with the fly over. Follow signs to Chitre or Las Tablas. Go through both cities, first Chitre then Las Tablas. Please note that there are two access roads to get to Cambutal. The first is the longer road: it goes down the coast via Pedasí and Playa Venao. The second road goes through the town of Valle Rico, mountains and Tonosí, this being a faster and easier drive as the road is paved and in good condition until Cambutal. When you reach Las Tablas, continue straight through the town. When you reach the stop sign at the main square, continue straight across where you will see a Banistmo Bank on your left hand side. Continue down this short street. At the stop sign, take another left and then the next right (you will see a sign pointing toward Tonosí). Continue along the mountain road until you reach Tonosí (about one hour and a half). (Quick note, when asking for directions, ask people in Las Tablas to direct you to the access road to Tonosí. Once in Tonosí, you can also ask then to direct you to Cambutal.) Once you are in Tonosí, drive through the town. This is the last stop to get gas so fill up if you need to! There is only one main road, so take a right at Banco Nacional de Panama and continue on passing the grocery stores. It is about a 20 minute drive to Cambutal. Remain on the main road and you will drive over three bridges before reaching Cambutal from Tonosí. From here on, just keep driving until you hit the town of Cambutal or the beach There is only one main road in Cambutal and it will take you straight to your new home in Cambutal: Hotel Playa Cambutal. BY BUS It is possible to take a bus from the Albrook Terminal in Panama City to Tonosí. At time of writing, the bus leaves Albrook Terminal at 7:45 am and arrives in Tonosí at approximately 2:00 pm. Albrook Terminal also offers services to Chitre and Las Tablas, those buses have hourly departure schedules throughout the day. Once you reach either Las Tablas or Chitre, you may take a mini bus or taxi into Cambutal. BY PLANE Air Panama is now offering flights to nearby Chitre. From Chitre you can then rent a car or hire a taxi to bring you to Cambutal. Chitre is 1.5 hours from Cambutal. BY VAN SERVICE Beach Break Shuttle Service Pineapple Shuttle Or contact the reception for more information

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