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Cambutal Cowboy Town

It’s a scenic but lengthy journey to Cambutal from Panama City, a distance of approximately 5 to 6 hours by car. After exiting the last large pueblo, Las Tablas, the road become winding and serpentine as it unrolls itself along the forested hills and open pastures of the Azuero Peninisula. Brief glimpses of the ocean on the horizon reassure travelers that they’re getting closer to their destination.

Cambutal is almost literally at the end of the road, or at least the paved road. Traditionally a small cowboy town of cattle farmers, the area has been gaining in popularity over the last decade with a growing expat population. Visitors often become locals after being drawn in by the natural beauty of Cambutal’s beaches, uncrowded surf, plentiful fishing and the low-key friendly vibe of the residents.

Cambutal town is in a valley surrounded by high hills. Ranchers built homes along the small river which now runs through the back of the town and exits at the beach. Ranching remains the majority occupation of the local Panamanians and the town

Don’t be surprised, when you drive into Cambutal, if you see a herd of cattle being lead down the road by a few cabarellos heading out to one of their mountain fincas where the cattle will be free to graze until they are nice and full.

At HPC we say life is better in cambutal and we mean it. Life is simpler here, we are away from the hustle and bustle of city life, away from shopping malls, grocery stores, and the usual everyday conveniences. Cambutal has no banks, no grocery stores, half a handful of restaurants and beautiful black sand beach that stretches for miles, a beach so long, you couldn’t walk the whole beach if you tried. No traffic here either, the only traffic you will see here are the cowboys riding their horses down the road or the local kids riding their bikes to the beach for a surf session. Maybe some escaped cows and horses loitering in the road.

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