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Portobello Waterfall Tour

One of our most popular adventure tours for those who love to explore off the beaten path, the Portobello waterfall tour takes you through the Azuero Pennisula backcountry. The trip starts along the single public road that connects Cambutal to towns just inside the Parque National Cerro Hoya. After passing through scenic Punta Blanca, the tour diverts to an off road path, literally driving in the Portobello River, passing lush forest and small cattle farms along the river’s banks.

You will see many local water birds and possibly even the elusive king vulture. Upon arrival at our stopping point, you will have to cut across a local farmers property, he is the owner of the land where the waterfall is located and is happy to share his little piece of paradise with others.

From here it is a short hike up to the waterfall, scrambling over boulders and climbing over roots. Once there, shed your dusty clothes and dive into the refreshingly chilly water or climb to the top of the waterfall and check out the second, even more beautiful, waterfall that lays hidden up top.

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