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Surf Club Cambutal

Started in 2014 by Panamanian surfer Gonzalo Gonzalez, Canadian surfer Leah Oke and HPCs very own Albeiro Orrego, SCC was created to encourage the sport of surfing, water safety and other water activities in our local community.

HPC loves to share our enthusiasm for surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and good ole beach time fun with our local children. It is an open club and anyone interested in surfing and beach time activities are welcome to join. SCC mentors take the kids to local surf breaks around Cambutal. as well as surf contests around Panama.

The Surf Club also helps organize community events with the help of HPC, such as beach clean ups and free surf lessons. When staying at Hotel Playa Cambutal, you are sure to see a few surf club members surfing out front, or grabbing their boards from the Hotel racks. Make sure to watch them catching their beloved waves: they put on quite a show!

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