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Cambutal is known for its numerous surf spots, with breaks ranging from beginner to advanced. Dry season, January through April, is the best season for wave shape as the winds blow offshore almost continually. August through October is the best season for wave size.


No car? No Problem! We offer Surf Tours to all local breaks.


A short description on nearby breaks:


Cambutal Beach Break is located directly in front of the Hotel Playa Cambutal. It is a fun break with sand bottom. Considered best at medium to high tides with rights and lefts. Nonetheless, also fun at low tide.


Ideal break for both beginners and advanced surfers.

411 - Cuatro Once (High Tide)

Considered one of the most popular breaks in Cambutal and located approximately 10 minutes away from the hotel. Certainly a favorite point break during medium to high tide consisting of a long right hander over rock ledge bottom.


Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.


Located adjacent to 411. Quite powerful break with rock bottom break with rights and lefts at medium to high tide.Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.


Horcones Beach Break is located down the beach from Dinosaurios. It is a sand bottom beach break with both rights and lefts. Between medium to low tide, look for a favorite spot right across from a small river mouth. Excellent break at high tide also.Ideal for beginners and advanced surfers.


Located at the end of the dirt road, it is a rock bottom point break with a very powerful peak that breaks over a rock ledge and throws a nice tube after peeling the point approximately 80 yards.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

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